Break down the nx-01 computer

Lets start by defining what it is I am aiming to accomplish with this project.

I am aiming to build a computer os and all encompassing learning machine that builds itself at some point also it will have a really small kernel thats dedicated to smaller tasks on spefic arcitecture.

I am thinking about the minimm viable product and what peices ill need how many lines of code where they all fit together, a friend of mine brought up ethics I am also dont want this computer to become my master.

Taking most things into account I have begain writing documents which coupled with compiled code that will be tested hopefully on my vita by chrimas this year ill have it finished for alpha 01.

now to add some reference material to get a genereral sense of what I am aiming for doing some research on the net on the ship the nx-01 reveals some ship cross sections and some ship design data but not much on the computer itself or how it was writen. has been a great asset to consider the scale of the over reaching project, but really it comes down to the core and the first few lines of code really the reaches out into the all encompassing project.

Anyway moving on. Lets discuss the core, what is needed to accomplish that, well a os and to a achive an an os you need a kernel and to achive a kerenel you need classes and to achive classes you need functions and to achive funtions you need lines of code to achive that you need words. Now we get down to the root of the problem, also we need a design document, to follow.

Research will also be key as maybe others have done work on this thing before, maybe the powers that tried to reach me reached out to others as well,who knows ?

Lets dive in. here is some pics to tantalize your taste buds.

NX 01 main engineering

here is a video for a taste