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Wicked dream for you all to read

I just had the ultimate dream of wicked dreams. Let me tell you about it.

It starts with me falling asleep listening to banned dot video after doing a simple game dd on a vita game bum to billionaires and beyond.

Well i found myself fondling my vita both of the the black one and the white one but mostly my second dip into the oled version a used one that i had lent to my niece and nephew it had a 64 gb memory card and sd to vita card and a 128gb sd card inside that. but at the moment wasn’t hacked like my 2 dip into the black oled vita which was perma hacked for scientific purposes.

Anyway so there I was fast asleep when it hit me to show Mr Jones where the current standard of nano computers was with the average human brain with a grade 12 education. So i took out the vita memory card and went to show him in my dream as i seemed to be in his studio at the moment as far as i could tell/

So I showed it to him and told him this is as far as the average human has come intellectually on computers. And that even the top 1 percent don’t understand the whole card deck that is a vita core to operate such a system and the 1 percent of them don’t understand what it is to be a whole vita and 1 percent of them don’t understand the psn architecture and how the store really works and how the network works. And 1 percent of those don’t know how to get out of this to the whole world wide web and its capabilities. Let alone the internet of things and nano tech.

I am among the few that does understand to this level.

I then found myself in grade school of all things. And I was already done with class while the rest of the kids struggled. I was rummaging for my vita and I found that a lot of the kids had followed me in my ideas and were trying full heartly to copy me and improve on my designs style and motivations.

I fondled my white vita then pocketed it then searched for my black one to do some research. where had i left it. I was searching bags in the back of class and found many handheld devices, many similar to vita but not the same.

But I did find many indeed vitas of every color and model style and even some modded out ones and some ones that folded and ones that came apart maybe a few were actually modded switches.

I had the urge to pocket some of the more exotic ones and I did manage that at a few points looking for my black one. 

But I put them all back except for one extraordinary one that reminded me of an upgraded one of my white oled.

It was the end of the day and the students were done with class. 

One of them came to inspect me rather vigorously. It seems he was the class forman and many classmates were indeed watching me. I tried to return the fancy upgraded vita. But he kept shaking me to get more.

Finally after some shaking I snapped and flipped him off like a fly from a bowl of the house masters soup.

Then more people came to the class foremans aide.

To no avail I was sleeping but could not wake up. I was shaking them off all the while trying to wake up.

Then the authorities came in the form of teachers at first which I fell down and formed a passive resistance.

They drug me up a sloped highway and when I reached the top they handed me a phone.

I was connected with an operator.

I yelled into the emergency hospital kim josik dr davilla for clayton malarkey.

I then found myself in a deep slumber and was forming ever greater passive resistance.

When the police came to take me away hopefully to the hospital I found my feet in my sleepy dream.

My passive resistance formed into an active resistance.

It came easy at first. They did do anything forceful at first.

And I found allies.

The first allies I found werewolves and they would protect me as one of the pack.

They threw themselves at the enemy to the last wolf till they met polar bears which they could not overcome.

And I found myself falling asleep as if playing dead. The Polar bears ignored me.

Then I heard the pigs of war.

They were chasing down all the bears and other animals that were in their way.

I broke free of my lumbar position in my dream and then found myself in a post apocalyptic world devoid of human life and full of post war action.

I then found myself hunted by the pigs for food.

I then took up a pair of the pigs flying swords and wielded them with such ferocity that none of the pigs dared challenge me.

But I found myself constantly looking over my shoulder. And trying to wake up.

Then I found myself retracing my roots like I usually do when I go manic in real life. I found more of my own kind on my journey there.

First scraps of humanity are barely more than animals. Then I found myself in the company of ever needed humans begging for scraps.

When I came to a main sewer and fell in.

I found myself crawling along trying to wake up and trying to get away from the mouches. 

Then I came to rest against a wall or behind a desk of some sort.

I heard voices. Human voices.

Intelligent paranoid human voices.

They were doing something on the desk.

I found out they had a very important mission.

They were the others that were at my level of understanding or just below.

They were launching something but always too hesitant.

Every last second they canceled what they were launching.

And they grew ever more hungry, thirsty and desperate for entertainment and news.

I at that moment had the urge to find the desk controls myself.

Try a button or two.

First I had to break a wall through to get to the other side.

There were all sorts of buttons on the main desk and one big button allittle out of reach.

I took to playing with the buttons on the main desk. It had many satellite buttons but one main red button.

I played with the buttons.

Then pressed the main red button a siren went off.

The others woke up and jumped into action trying to figure out what was going on.

They were hindering and back pedaling what I had done by trial and error. 

But I quickly picked up the pace of what I was doing. Somehow I knew exactly what needed to be done.

And no amount of counter measures could stop me. 

I Found the big red button on the desk was for communications of opening blast doors and launch prep for whatever was in the launch bay.

I immediately knew that I had to press the big button just out of reach of the desk but the counter measures would mean I would only have a short window of opportunity.

I jumped at it.

No one was getting my finger off the big read button that would launch the payload.

Just as the counter measures were beginning to close the blast doors the missile launched. and everyone stopped fighting me.

At first they all became disheartened.

They then threw me a bag of chips seemingly there last scrap of food.

I grabbed a pen and wrote on the bag the internet restored.

They all looked at me in a daze.

One Took  another pen and wrote on it phone gps restored.

I wrote on it again wifi.

They were flabbergasted.

They then dug around for their devices.

Well for the most part they did.

Some were still looking at the chip bag in amazement.

I began speechifying.

I explained that the time of abundance had come.

I burst open the bag of chips and said that only more would come.

Then I found cheer and took flight. They tried to shush me.

I Opened the door which they had sealed from the inside. They tried to stop me and nearly  succeeded.

Once outside I realized I was in the middle of a crampe slum trailer park and the neighbors lived right next to each other very shut in.

They needed awakening.

So I shook their doors open while gliding along speechifying.

Then came myself on top of a mountain house and I found myself with all the wealth a man could ever want. I was going down the other side covered in lavish splendor.

I then found myself arm in arm with a beautiful exotic woman and I couldn’t break free from her.

I then found my breath.

I breathed harder and harder when this dream ended.

I then woke up. And smiled.

And here I am at my computer writing my dream down.

I like it… i don’t get a clear mental image of what you experienced in lalaland, but i think you should keep writing your dreams down as soon as you wake up… thanks for letting me experience your dreamstate


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