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May 4, 2020 admin No comments exist

The market calls for the competent man for the time of the end is nigh and those that lack general competence will fade from existence or starve out of supply necessity. I was recently watching extra credits on you tube about extra sci-fiction a lot of dystopia futures are all coming to a head all…

April 4, 2020 admin No comments exist

The World is being real shitty to most people right now, how can we dig our selves out of this hole the new world order put us into. With all the wicked stuff like fluoride in the water, weaponized viruses, soft kill immunizations, and inhuman future being promoted by main stream media. There are to…

April 3, 2020 admin No comments exist

check it out here feel free to tell me what you think hope you are all being safe in these times of strife the claystation is finnally back online looking forward to serving our fans clients and customers alike this year welcoming you all to the site as it evolves